Supply and Lay

We supply and lay your specified turf on ground prepared by the customer. We install the turf, cut in and roll. These jobs are usually quoted site unseen and our team will liaise with you if they feel that extra preparation work is required so you get the best possible result. If you wish, our team can spread fertilizer you supply and water in the job on completion.

Prepare, Supply and Install

You can arrange an obligation freeĀ  quote or call one of our friendly consultants and we can give you an indication over the phone. We have unique systems and equipment available that will economically prepare your site ready for your new lawn.

New Lawn Installation

We can cut and shape your site with close attention to detail ensuring your new lawn has an even layer of turf soil over the site. They will offer products that are tailored to your site and budget, encouraging a sustainable and environmentally friendly lawn that will outlast the life of your home.

Irrigation Systems

We can quote on repairs or install manual and automatic irrigation systems to the latest codes.

Turf Types


This new, improved variety is vastly superior to the old favorite – Queensland Blue Couch. A lot of the problems have been breed out-producing a sensational grass for the home lawn.

With improved wear, drought, weed and disease resistance, this grass is a blessing for the Queensland Blue Couch lawn enthusiast. Suitable for home lawns, parks and commercial areas this grass out-performs all other couch grasses.




Empire has a dark green colour that is retained all year round except under frost. The texture of the leaf is wide and coarse, but relatively soft compared to other Zoysia Varieties.

It has a moderate to good shade tolerance, excellent wear and drought resistance once established. Empire is a very slow growing grass, making it an excellent choice for small gardens. Due to its slow growth habits it is not advised to install Empire during the cooler winter months.




Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo is a fantastic alternative to the traditional buffalo varieties with an attractive fine leaf blade, together with a beautiful colour that will just make your neighbors green with envy.




The uniquely Australian made blade. That’s Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, created and developed right here to cope with our harsh Australian climate. This home-grown heritage makes Sir Walter better suited to our environment and more able to thrive under a variety of applications, from domestic landscaping to large public grounds and gardens. Sure… there’s turf that’s soft, some are tough, others tolerate temperature extremes… but there’s never been a premium turf that is all these things rolled into one… enter Sir Walter.




This warm season Green Couch hybrid has been used on playing fields and home lawns Australia wide for many years. A hard wearing fine textured variety which retains good colour down to frost temperatures. Left alone with minimal maintenance this grass will survive and provide a cover. Look after it and it can be the best lawn in the street. The name Winter Green was first given to this hybrid Green Couch due to its improved winter colour performance over other Green Couch hybrids at the time.